Event / 28 Jul 2022

The Domestic Space in Photography & Art

John Paul Evans, Rosy Martin, Dafydd Williams

The Domestic Space in Photography & Art
Pastoral scene © John Paul Evans

On the evening of Thursday 28th July, we will be holding a panel discussion exploring the themes of the domestic space in photography and art. Joining us will be artists Dafydd Williams, Rosy Martin and John Paul Evans on the panel. Each of these artists explores similar themes in their own work through various approaches.

We would love you to join us for an evening of stimulating conversation between 6 and 8pm in our beautiful gallery space in Cathays.

What is lost… what has been is a solo exhibition of photographic works by Welsh artist John Paul Evans, taking place at Ffotogallery from 17 June – 3 September 2022.

Exhibited together for the first time, this collection of John Paul Evans’ series of works pose questions about photography’s relationship with memory, love, loss and representation.

Working with his partner Peter, the artist uses performative portraiture, still life and collage to reimagine domestic and public spaces. From carefully constructed, detailed images to mindful documentations of cloudscapes, the work is both collectively playful and poignantly tender. John Paul Evans’s practice serves as a reminder of the visible traditions and often invisible social structures which exclude groups subjected to oppression, including but not exclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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About Artists

John Paul Evans

John Paul Evans is a Welsh-born photographic artist and academic who now lives in Devon, England. His work explores the polemics of gender representation in photography. He has received various international awards including the 2016 Hasselblad Masters Award. He was winner of the Dodho Magazine B&W Award 2017, KL Photo awards 2017, Bokeh Bokeh portfolio awards 2017 & 2018, Pride Photo Awards 2014.

Portrait of Rosy Martin

Rosy Martin

Rosy Martin is an artist-photographer, psychological therapist, workshop leader, lecturer and writer. She explores the relationships between photography, memory, identities and unconscious processes using self-portraiture, still life photography, digital imaging and video. Through embodiment, she discerns the psychic and social construction of identities within the drama of the everyday.

Portrait of Dafydd Williams

Dafydd Williams

Emerging Swansea-based artist Dafydd Williams is interested in symbolism and technique in renaissance paintings, primarily by the Masters Michelangelo and Caravaggio, which are used to critique contemporary gender and sexual structures.