Event / 1 Jan – 31 Jan 2023

January Pick-Me-Up Photo Journal Challenge

At Ffotogallery we love the highs of the festive holidays! But we also know that January can be a bit of a comedown after all those celebrations, during a cold, dark month. So we thought that having a fun project to focus on might help to lift all of our spirits.

Join us throughout January for the Pick-Me-Up Photo Journal Challenge! Create a photographic journal with daily prompts designed to help with our well being and to inspire us to look for the positives all around us. Every day we’ll post a new word as a cue to create a photograph. At the end of the month, we will hold an online workshop demonstrating how to create an e-journal of your photos which can then be ordered as a physical printed journal should you wish. We have also created a Facebook group where you can share your photos with everyone else throughout the challenge if you’d like to.

If you can join in the challenge everyday, fantastic - but above all this should be an enjoyable and fun project so if you want to drop in and out as you have time that’s great too, no pressure! You can join us for the online workshop, share your photos with others joining in the project in our Facebook group or just keep your photos as an uplifting collection of January memories.

The project will start on January 1st 2023 and run everyday until January 31st. Keep track of the daily prompts on social media stories or through the Facebook group.
(Please remember that this is a public group. Please be kind and remember that shared images should be appropriate for all.)

Or you can upload your photos to this shared folder.

Join in on the challenge!


By participating in this event, you agree to the following conditions:

Participants retain ownership and copyright of their submitted photographs. Entries may be published online at Ffotogallery’s discretion. Use of images will be restricted to promotion, publicity, news, or informational education or awareness usage of Ffotogallery.

Participants agree that they created the photographs and/or that they are authorised to use the photographs as submitted. Co-authors and as relevant original sources should be referenced or credited and our use of the photographs for online publication will not infringe on third party’s copyright or other rights.