Channel / 26 Nov 2022

Virtual Tour: Ffocws

Virtual Tour: Ffocws

Virtual Tour


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Ffocws is part of Ffotogallery’s mission to support emerging and early career artists. It looks to survey recent graduates who have studied visual arts in Wales as well as offer opportunities to those who have not been in a formal art and creative education. Working in partnership with higher education institutions (HEIs) in Wales, Ffotogallery presents the work of twelve brilliant artists who are challenging the process, medium and application of photography. Ada Marino, Alice Durham, Billy H. Osborn, Ed Worthington, Dione Jones, Laurentina Miksys, Laurie Broughton, Kerry Woolman, Jack Winbow, Pinar Köksal, Paris Tankard, and Ross Gardner are creating work that inspires new interpretations and perspectives. As well as displaying their work in Wales’ leading photographic organisation, the artists will be supported with a tailored six-month professional development programme.