Channel / 17 Dec 2018

Chronicle Publication

Since its inception 40 years ago, Ffotogallery has been at the forefront of developing a contemporary photographic culture in Wales through our commissioning and presentation of new work in exhibitions and at international festivals and events, through extensive print and online publishing, our support for emerging photographic and lens-based artists, and our pioneering education and outreach work that offers opportunities for creative participation for a wide cross-section of the community.

Chronicle sets the scene for the next phase of Ffotogallery’s work, in which a new generation of photographers and lens-based artists will emerge at a time when we increasingly receive and present creative content across both physical and virtual platforms. With so many images shared online, will there still be a demand for art galleries and traditional exhibitions? If so, what work will be presented in which kind of spaces? What skills do photographers and artists need to build a successful career? How can Wales become more globally connected through photography and digital media?

Download a sample of the publication below

Chronicle is now available to purchase at Turner House Gallery, Plymouth Road, Penarth CF64 3DH.