Many Voices, One Nation 2

Many Voices, One Nation 2

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We invited photography professionals from around Wales to nominate photographers, students and artists whose work offers insights into contemporary life, and represents the breadth of Welsh talent that deserves wider exposure. Twelve artists were selected from across Wales, reflecting a wide range of subjects and different approaches to photography.

Through the exhibition and in Ffotogallery’s future work, we want to make sure that we value the role people from all parts of our society play in creating a vibrant Wales. We know that the arts in Wales will be stronger, more exciting and relevant to more people if we embrace diversity. We actively encourage public participation and audience engagement with the issues arising from the exhibition.

Many Voices, One Nation began life as a touring exhibition developed as a collaboration between Ffotogallery and the Senedd/Welsh Parliament, which marked 20 years of devolution in Wales.

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We’re pleased to announce that the following artists have been selected for this second edition of Many Voices, One Nation: